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Duroflex launches Mattresses with Heat Absorption Technology

Posted By Golden Furniture & Appliances    October 18, 2018

Duroflex one of India’s well known mattress manufacturers has launched a new mattress which makes use of Outlast ® PCM (Phase Change Materials) that was engineered for the American space research institute, NASA in order to help astronauts adopt to the extreme temperature conditions in outer space.

The mattress has Heat Absorption TechnologyTM (HAT), which regulates that body temperature of those sleeping on it throughout the night. Its unique process that will ensure that the body is always at optimal temperature and is best suited for a deep, cool, sweat-free sleep.

The Need for Duroflex HATTM Mattresses

It is interesting to note here that there are cool gel mattresses already available in the market. While they are good for cooling the body, they have a single way function. Once they absorb heat from the body, they are no longer performing and this makes them redundant. The HAT Mattresses make use of the Outlast® PCM (Phase Change Material) which regulates body temperature throughout the night thus ensuring the user gets good sleep. To sum it up, the top 3 points which highlight the need for this mattress are:

  • Duroflex mattresses with Heat Absorption TechnologyTM are cooler than the regular mattresses.
  • The mattress prevents sweating at night by up to 48%
  • They help in maintaining the optimum body temperature.

Another interesting observation about these HAT technology mattresses is that it works on the basis of individual body temperatures. Human bodies have different resting temperatures. This means that even in an air-conditioned rooms, some people tend to feel hotter while others feel colder. The PCM equipped, HAT mattresses work differently on each person even if a couple is sleeping on it, it adapts and functions as per the individual body temperature.

5 Facts about Human Sleeping Habits

  • Ideally, falling asleep at night can take around 10-15 minutes
  • An average human sleeps for at least 1/3rd of his or her life.
  • On an average, humans sweat at least 250 ml each night when they sleep.
  • People who are hot sleepers (those who experience night sweats) will sweat around 650 ml.
  • Sleep Deprivation can kill a person faster than food deprivation.

Keeping the above facts in mind, getting a good night’s sleep becomes very important. The Duroflex HAT TM mattresses will reduce sweating by 48% and will improve the overall sleep quality. Duroflex Heat Absorption TechnologyTM mattresses are now available across all Duroflex stores & dealerships.

The Outlast® PCM (Phase Change Material) used in these mattresses was developed first for NASAm first developed for NASA to help astronauts deal with the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. It is used in space suits, gloves and other accessories used by astronauts making them the mattresses of the future.

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